SystemVerilog Development Environment for Eclipse

SVEditor is an Eclipse-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Verilog and SystemVerilog development. It provides a colorizing editor for SystemVerilog with support for content assist, source navigation, SystemVerilog source templates, source indent and auto-indent, and context-sensitive viewing of source documentation.

Installing SVEditor

For information on installing SVEditor and creating your first project see:

SVEditor's Eclipse update site is here:

SVEditor Features

A cheat sheet of SVEditor's features, and how to access them, can be found in the SVEditor Features table.

Staying Up-to-Date

SVEditor is on Facebook. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with release info, tutorials, and other information.

Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial was designed to make it easy for VI/EMACS users to get up and running with SVEditor. The tutorial will cover:

  • Installation
  • Loading a demonstration chip (project)
  • Touch on some of the features that Eclipse and SVEditor brings to a design or verification engineer

Contributing to SVEditor

The SVEditor project is always looking for contributors. See the Contributing to SVEditor page for ideas on how you can contribute to SVEditor development!